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About Pit n’ Proud

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Working to restore the reputation of America’s dog.

We are a Tucson, AZ pit bull advocacy group dedicated to increasing the acceptance of the America Pit Bull Terrier and related breeds as loving family and capable working dogs through education, training, and promotion of responsible ownership.

Pit n’ Proud supports rescue efforts and will work to fight breed-specific legislation and improve the image of bully breeds in our community.

Founded in October of 2010, we believe that the problems faced by pit bull-type dogs are best addressed through a proactive, community-based approach. We are here to support rescues, educate the public, promote responsible ownership, and provide affordable training.


Contact Info

Pit n’ Proud | | 520.255.1696

Training | Anthony Holcomb

Events | Elida Burnette | 520.289.0873