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our vision

Family time with a pit bull

Pit n’ Proud envisions a future where the American Pit Bull Terrier and related breeds are recognized as exemplary companion and working dogs, are celebrated for their contributions to society, and all reside in loving and responsible homes.


Pit n’ Proud is dedicated to increasing the acceptance of the American Pit Bull Terrier and related breeds as loving family dogs and capable working dogs through education, training, and promoting responsible ownership.


Pit n’ Proud was founded in October 2010 to address the problems surrounding the American Pit Bull Terrier and related breeds in our community.  Pit n’ Proud’s was founded by Rachel Molyneux, who now serves as our Program Coordinator.  She is an Arizona native and worked in animal welfare for nearly 10 years.  During those years, she fell in love with bully breeds and fully realized the extent of the problem they face both in our community and nationwide.  She recognized the need for a proactive, advocacy organization to accent the work of rescues in our community and address the problem at its roots — a misinformed public.  Pit n’ Proud exists because of a core group of dedicated volunteers to whom we are forever grateful!  Pit n’ Proud is the outreach and education program of Adopt-a-Bull, a 501(c)3 non-profit Tucson area bully breed and rare mastiff rescue.


“We can’t possibly put a dent in the homeless pit bull situation, unless we concentrate
on educating the public. Education is the key to saving these noble dogs.”
- Diana McKay, Pit Bull Education Coordinator, WonderBull.com


The Problem


A litter of pit pups

The pit bull was the original all-American working and family dog and has served society in  numerous ways.  From livestock dog to therapy dog, the pit bull has done it all, and can do it all! Only in the last 20 or 30 years has this breed been under attack, but it’s not the dog that’s changed.  It’s the public’s perception of the breed that’s different. The pit bull’s reputation has been severely damaged as a result of biased media, improper identification in attacks, breed specific legislation, and irresponsible breeding practices.  Today, much of the public thinks the only thing these dogs are good for is fighting.

Based upon the negative stigma the breed now has, responsible pit bull owners must endure refusal from insurance companies, landlord bias, local and state regulations and breed bans, and negative reactions from the public. Statistics show that breed specific laws and policies have done nothing to make the public safer. Instead, responsible dog owners are punished and a staggering number of pit bulls end up abandoned in shelters.

The Solution


Happy pittie at a Pit n' Proud event

Pit n’ Proud believes that the problems facing these courageous and loving dogs are best addressed with a proactive, community-based approach.  Change the hearts and minds of people, and the government and policy makers will follow. Training, educating, promoting responsible ownership, and supporting rescue are all critical.

Pit n’ Proud has already started making a difference by bringing affordable training to pit bull owners in our community! Now more than ever, every pit bull needs to be an ambassador for the breed. We are also working towards a school education program and forming all bully breed teams to participate in competitive dog sports!