Our Ambass-a-dogs

Pit n’ Proud strives to bring out the best in dog owners, who in turn bring out the best in their dogs. Pit n’ Proud Ambass-a-dogs are a labor of love, and a product of a wonderful partnership between a dedicated owner and their dog. Our Ambass-a-dogs have their AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate and a higher level of training assuring us that, wherever they go, they’re making a positive impression.

You’ll find our Ambass-a-dogs at all of our events, changing hearts and minds one person at a time through solid training, a sound temperament, and a big ole’ pit bull smile. Meet some of Pit n’ Proud’s Ambass-a-dogs below!

Ambass-a-Dog: TOW MATER
Guardians: Jose & Rachel


Ambass-a-Dog Tow Mater!

To us, Tow Mater is the embodiment of what it means to be “pit bull.” His story, personality, temperament, and abilities all had a great deal to do with our inspiration to found Pit n’ Proud. Jose was working at a rural Animal Shelter when he came across Mater. Mater was slated for euthanasia that day, and Jose made the decision to take him home literally minutes before it would have happened.

Mater quickly showed the balance, stability and ability that so many pit bull type dogs have. He was equally comfortable working alongside Jose on the job, as he was lounging on the couch with his young kids. That was 2007.

Since then, Tow Mater has achieved his AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate and his ATTS Temperament Title (TT.) Tow Mater is a volunteer for the Southern AZ Animal Bloodbank and, without sedation, gives blood to help other dogs during emergencies. Tow Mater has lived with countless rescued dogs and cats, and has shared his love for people at numerous public events. Tow Mater will be working on Rally-Obedience titles in the near future. He’s exuberant, steadfast, loyal, loving, and we’re proud to call him a Pit n’ Proud Ambass-a-Dog.


Ambass-a-Dog: BOOKER
Guardian: Dawn


Ambass-a-Dog Booker!

Booker was confiscated in a drug bust in April of 2010 and taken to Pima Animal Care Center. After spending 10 days there, Booker was scheduled to be euthanized for showing some aggression towards other dogs. He was pulled by Adopt-a-Bull and spent the next four months of his life in a multi-dog household with his foster parents.

I decided to adopt Booker in August, and he’s proven to be quite the amazing dog. I began having seizures from a sports injury suffered before Booker came to live with me. During this trying time in my life, Booker never left my side and began to show the ability to predict my seizures before they occurred.

Once I recognized Booker’s unique talent, we kicked our obedience training into high gear. Booker responded beautifully, learning new commands with ease and graduating at the top of his obedience classes. Booker became a nationally registered service dog in November 2011 and now accompanies me everywhere I go.

Booker is becoming well known around Tucson as the “Pit Bull Service Dog”. He makes new friends everywhere he goes and continues to change the perception of the breed on a daily basis. Ask me if you can pet this service dog, and I’ll tell you “Of course!” Booker loves the attention. I’ll also be quick to tell you, “I didn’t rescue Booker, he rescued me!”

Booker proudly attends as many Pit n’ Proud events as possible and loves to share his story.


Ambass-a-Dog: ZOEY
Guardian: Cathy


Ambass-a-Dog Zoey!

I got Zoey at the local Humane Society in August 2007. It was her second time through the shelter, and she was a full-grown dog with no training.

If you’ve ever heard the expression, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” it’s wrong. You can. Zoey is living proof. Over the last five years, she has demonstrated time and again just how intelligent, confident and resilient the breed can be. She participated in multiple dog training classes, mastered basic commands, and earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen. She now frequently serves as an Ambass-a-Dog at animal events where she interacts wonderfully with other people and dogs.

She also knows specialty tricks, like rolling over & limping on command. She excels in urban agility, using existing structures as a challenge course. In my neighborhood—when she’s not being a kid magnet—she’s known as “the dog that climbs trees.”

Zoey is the epitome of the American Pit Bull Terrier—smart & courageous with a rock-solid temperament. I’m honored to own her, and we’re both honored to be a part of Pit n’ Proud.


Ambass-a-Dog: BIG MAC
Guardian: Anthony

Ambass-a-Dog Big Mac

Meet Big Mac. Big Mac was a mature intact male that I adopted from Pima Animal Care Center.  Rescue groups marveled at his beauty but would not pull him due to the Center’s assessment of him. They said he was aggressive towards other dogs and were not going to adopt him out to the public. He was due for euthanasia!  With no history to go on I took one look at him and said I’ll take him, socialize him and make him a great ambassador for the breed.

After only having him for 3 or 4 months, I entered a Rally-O competition and did 4 courses. We placed in each of those 4 runs, 1st, 4th, 3rd, and 2nd respectively.  Since then he has trailed in 2 AKC obedience trials, and earned the honors of “high BH” in Schutzhund where he continues to train.

Happy go lucky, confident, and selective hearing are personality traits of Big Mac.  By far he is one of the dogs I have put most of my work in, and we continue to train regularly in Obedience, tracking, retrieval, and protection.  He has a stable, social temperament and continues to gain admirers everywhere he goes.  He also helps me to evaluate other dogs and is overly out going!  He has a bright future and we will continue to work together for many years.

Ambass-a-Dog: MOCHA
Guardian: Keisha


Ambass-a-Dog Mocha!

I found Mocha on Craigslist in May of 2010. Someone was just “giving her away.” Who knew just how much that would change our lives! She is simply the perfect dog for me.

From the very beginning, I always thought that she would make a wonderful therapy dog. She is patient, and bubbles over with excitement at every opportunity meet new people & animals. While living in Mesa, a 3 or 4 year old little girl wasn’t being properly supervised & was running around the large breed area of the dog park. The little girl walked up to Mocha, who promptly sat down and let the baby pet her. Mocha was very careful to be gentle, and I, for one, was very impressed. We knew we had to share this gift with others.

After moving to Tucson, I discovered Pit n’ Proud and saw that they were advertising a Pit Bull Therapy dog class. That was it, I had to try to get in! I was very fortunate to be a recipient of one of their scholarships. We finished the class back in early December of 2011, and she passed her Delta Pet Partners evaluation in February. Shortly there after, she passed her AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluation. We’ve stayed active in the community, attending Pit n’ Proud’s Pit/Fit weekly exercise group, and helping out at public events. Mocha is especially skilled at working a crowd in her Pit n’ Proud Ambass-a-Dog vest!

Not long after Mocha rescued me, I became unemployed. She has been my focus for staying out of the dump, and pushing forward. Most of the time people want to make their pets better. Not in my case. Mocha came to me well mannered and without problems. Instead, she makes me want to be a better guardian, to be deserving of such a sweet girl. I will continue to strive to be the guardian she dese

Ambass-a-Dog: DRACO
Guardian: Elida and Brent


Ambass-a-Dog Draco!

Elida and Brent Burnette rescued their very first bully breed from the Southern Arizona Humane Society in March of 2011. They are now the proud owners of a beautiful, 17 month old, 79 pound pibble, named Draco. Draco has completed Obedience I and II, and is now in Advanced Obedience through Pit n’ Proud. Draco has also completed his CGC course and exam, obtaining is Canine Good Citizen Certificate, and is now attended an Advanced Socialization Course through Anthony’s K9 Academy. Additionally, Draco is set to start therapy dog training on June 28, 2012. He now joins the ranks of other Pit n’ Proud Ambass-A-Dogs!!!

“He brings joy to my everyday life along with surprises as to how loyal, intelligent, and driven this breed is. Their eagerness to please you and the motivation they possess to learn new things is unlike that of any other. I’ve never experienced a bond with an animal like this, nor have I ever been in such complete awe of how amazing he really is,” raves Elida about her beautiful bully.



Ambass-a-Dog: OLIVER
Guardian: Kyla


Ambass-a-Dog Oliver!

Oliver is about 18months right now. I first saw his sweet face on Baldwin Park’s shelter post asking for a rescue to step up for him. He was very sweet and polite, even though he was emaciated, had cuts all over his body and had obviously been mistreated.

A rescue called Wags & Walks agreed to pull him from the shelter since a wonderful lady offered to foster him in Phoenix. The only obstacle was transport from Los Angeles to Phoenix. I kept following his progress since I was living in L.A. at the time, and his sweet face remained engrained in my thoughts. I was moving back to Tucson and since my pit Tiberius loves all dogs, I knew I would be able to transport him and help to save his life.

I met Oliver, and it was love at first sight. Tiberius was very tolerant of his excited, puppy nature, and I just knew that Oliver would have to join our family.  I decided to adopt and he’s been the happiest boy I’ve ever met. He constantly smiles and looks deep in my eyes every day, as if to say, “Thanks Mom, I love you and I’m so grateful to be here.”

He is beyond friendly, interested in saying hello to every human, dog, and creature he comes across. Beyond his beauty, his personality is second to none. Oliver never fails to bring ear to ear smiles to the faces of all who meet him at public events. He is also the welcoming committee when I bring home dogs to “foster.” It’s almost as if Oliver knows the shelter dogs came from where he did, and he extends his friendship and generosity towards them.

I love my dogs with all my heart. Oliver’s brothers are Tiberius, an 8 year old pit, and Cristiano and Zero, Chihuahua mixes. We are such a happy little family, and we are Pit n’ Proud.