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October 25, 2011 - Pit Bull Saves Woman With Brain Aneurysm, Given ‘Neighbor Of The Year’ Award - The Huffington Post




Pit-Friendy Companies

Sadly, until breed specific and policies are a thing of the past, bully breed owners may find locating a rental apartment or insurance company that will allow their dog difficult. Don’t give up, we have pit-friendly companies listed here!


In your search, make your voice heard! For every refusal, take a moment to let the landlord or company know that profiling by breed is akin to racial profiling — and it is wrong! Studies have shown that banning certain breeds does not reduce dog bites and does not make the community safer. For more information on breed specific legislation, refer to:

When you do find a company or landlord that doesn’t discriminate based upon breed, PLEASE let them know why you are choosing them! Reinforce their decision and thank them for not buying into the hype! Then, prove yourself and your dog to be worthy of their trust. As pit owners, we are under extra scrutiny. Be a responsible pet owner and a good neighbor! Train, vaccinate, license, and abide by local laws!


Pit-Friendly Insurance

Local agents may be more restrictive that the national company requires, so make sure you check with both the head office and your local agent. You can also contact a local insurance agent who deals with several companies. They may be able to guide you to a policy without breed restrictions.


Pit-Friendly Rental Apartments

In addition to the places on this list, you can also try Craig’s List to search for a rental property without breed restrictions. Often private landlords are more accepting than major complexes. Also, check out this helpful guide, RENTING WITH PETS, published by the Humane Society of the United States.

  • Puesta Del Sol Apartments  |  520.623.6458  |  2299 North Silverbell Rd  |  2 bed/2 bath
  • Tierra Rica Apartments  |  520.544.0676  |  3201 W. Ina Rd  |  3 bed/2 bath
  • University Villa at Ironwood  |  520.670.0254  |  2550 W. Ironwood Hill |  Student Housing

This list is not comprehensive; you must contact these companies directly to verify their policies. Help us keep this list accurate! Please send your additions, corrections, and updates to