Training Assistance

As guardians of pit bull-type dogs, we need to be aware that our dogs are under extra scrutiny and influence public perception of the breed as a whole. An individual positive experience can go a long way in defeating the negative stereoytypes that surround our breeds. Training is a key component in responsible dog ownership, and helps ensure that our dogs are leaving people with a positive impression of the breed.

In addition, many dogs are surrendered to shelters due to behavioral issues. Knowing that our shelters and rescues are already overburdened with pit bull-type dogs, this is something that Pit n’ Proud wants to prevent.

Pit n’ Proud is making a difference,
one dog and owner at a time.


For those two reasons, Pit n’ Proud focuses heavily on offering affordable training for bully breed owners and their dogs. We routinely offer a variety of discounted group classes. In addition, we offer Emergency Training Scholarships. If you feel that one of our group classes would benefit you and you are unable to afford the entire (or any portion) of the class fee, we encourage you to apply for the Scholarship below.

Your Scholarship application will be evaluated by Pit n’ Proud’s Program Coordinator and trainers, and we will contact you to discuss options. For any questions concerning this process or our training classes, contact

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