Training & Class Info

Pit n’ Proud is passionate about training.  Training is more than sit and stay.  Training is a means of communication with your dog and how you can take your relationship to the next level.  Training is how your dog can become an ambassador for the breed type – defeating stereotypes with their good behavior wherever they may go.

Pit n’ Proud strives to encourage affordable and fun training.  We’ve currently suspended our training program, but are still offering advice, referrals, and help arrange for discounted or sponsored training, as needed.

Your dog has near limitless potential, and will be as awesome as the time you invest.  We recommend the Tucson area trainers listed below, all of which have demonstrated their compassion and concern for the welfare of pit bull-type dogs in our community.  We can’t choose your trainer for you — there are a variety of styles and philosophies, and what route you take depends on your goal!  What we can say is that this list is a great place to start!

  • Animal Magnetism –
  • Anthony’s K9 Academy —
  • Garvin’s Divine Canines Therapy Dog Training –
  • sol.DOG Canine Services, LLC –
  • Sublime Canine –